Our clients demand Quality, Consistency, and Luxury. Formerly Penelope Luxury Tresses offers premium hair extensions for customers who want the highest quality of not only hair but of customer service. Our finest hair comes in natural colors or but can be custom colored and dyed in a wide variety of hues. We select only the best hair for our extensions and meticulously reproduce natural growth patterns, resulting in great looking hair in a variety of lengths and textures color.

Formerly Penelope Luxury Tresses sets the standard for Quality,
Consistency, and Luxury.

Formerly Penelope sources its hair through a network of suppliers dedicated to finding the best quality hair from around the world. We are very selective about our hair products and will reject hair that does not meet our rigorous standards.

We take pride in our product offerings with careful screening, salon level treatment, and also meticulous detail in crafting natural hair growth patterns so that our hair looks great on your head.

At Formerly Penelope Luxury Tresses we are dedicated to providing 100% customer service to all clients. Our online ordering system makes sure that your purchase is secure and also accurate. We have professional hair consultants to address any issues or questions you may have. You may reach us directly through email and our customer service hotline.

Formerly Penelope Luxury Tresses is your one-stop provider of the highest quality hair products. We look forward to supplying all of your virgin hair needs.